Monday, February 1, 2010

Audrey of France (land of the cheese!)

The Big Fat Nerd Journal arrived during a storm. And thank goodness.
I was supposed to leave home and head back to France, and it was looking like I was going to be doing that without the journal. Then a HUGE thunderstorm paired with massive fog and massive wind came in, and my flight was canceled.
The journal arrived that afternoon.

The next day, my flight was once again canceled, but at this point I HAD to get back to France. So the journal accompanied me on a drive around the state of Louisiana trying to make it to an airport in time to catch a flight that was actually heading out. We succeeded, and thus the journal and I got to spend New Year's Eve flying across the Atlantic Ocean.

We celebrated in every time zone! :-)

Back in France, the journal and I had a great time together. It accompanied me to my Japanese classes and learned some nihon-go (Japanese). It sat quietly on the sidelines and watched me at my Viet Vo Dao classes, witness as I rocked the test to move up a belt!

It joined me to several French cafes, it joined me as I showed friends around the Latin Quarter and the Marais, and, lucky for the journal, it even got to take one of my rare trips up to the top of the Eiffel Tower with me. I did my best to write in it every day in the beginning, but towards the end I just liked having it around with me.

The journal and I had an absolutely fabulous time together (I'm really hoping it feels the same way), and I'm hoping that it will want to come back and visit me again after it's done more traveling.

Thank you, Big Fat Nerd Journal, for such a wonderful time! :-)


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