-Can we include pictures?

Sure, but make sure they're securely taped to the page. Don't want it falling out!

-Is it possible to receive it twice?

Eventually, sure. But, again, I want as many people as possible to add their two-cents to the journal, so naturally I want to save pages.

-Can we decorate the journal?

Sure :)

-What happens once the journal is full? Does the person who has it have to buy a new one and send that one out? What happens to the old one?

Well, I'm thinking you could just take loose leaf sheets of paper and staple them in, but if it is ever necessary to get a new journal, just let me know. I'll give you my address to send it back to me and, if necessary, I'll pick up a new one to send back to you (or the next on the list). If you can buy a new one yourself, that would be great.