Friday, November 20, 2009

We Need A Button--Volunteers?

Alright, Nerds, by now we have all realized that any thing which is a proper thing has a proper thing button. And I like to think the Big Fat Nerd Journal is, in fact, a proper thing. Therefore, we need a button. Since I am inept at all things electronical, I will be needing some assistance. I'm thinking something that says either "Big Fat Nerd Journal Tour", "I Am A Big Fat Nerd" or something along those lines. If anyone wants to take a swing at it, email me your button idea/URL. I don't really have any prizes to offer except maybe a Dirty Little Secrets bookmark:

and some shameless promotion. And the satisfaction of seeing your button on the sidebars of countless blogs throughout the internets.

Any suggestions accepted!


The Lateiner Gang said...

I can't make buttons, but I know someone who can :o)

Email me so we can get this button thingy done!


The Lateiner Gang

Pixie said...

LOL Thanks for the support Dave.

HI I am the someone that Dave knows, AKA Pixie. I can make you a button. Email me any ideas you are wanting. I work on graphics on Sundays so I could get it done tomorrow in the AM.


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